Funny Indian Pictures Of Jugaad – Take A View And Die Laughing

Wecare unbeatable when it comes to jugaad. Using brain in fixing things with what we have it called “Jugaad”. The out of box thinks come out funny sometimes.
We are serving today 18 Indian funny pictures to make your day. Lets have a view.

Why to buy mirror

He is must cooking something testy.
Buying petrol in 

It really doesn’t matter which fruit he is selling, the price myst be correct.

Sitting on this chair makes you feel, “I’m boss”.

Exclusive form of tea.

Safety first.

Cum bath, hmm.. nice.

Happy journey.

Children cutting, horrible. 

Nice area. 

When it comes to coping ability, this man is idol

Selfie first but can’t leave kid free.

Chalti firti dukan.

Friend are important, even after married. 

New artificial seats.

I want to go in this hostel.

Beat his security.

He invented two wheeler car.

Horne wasn’t working, but when that cycle’s horn will be beneficial?

How the driver managing this.

May we made your day. Do share if you really laughed.

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